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We humbly (ok, pretty braggily actually, screw humility!) present to you the first ever Nerdfox Radio Podcast in the history of the multi-verse. Titled:

Dreams, Dates, Drawing Maps and the Foot Long Challengs: First Ever Nerdfox Podcast Radio Show

Click here to listen: Nerdfox Podcast 1 Dreams and Dates (PS. We’ll upgrade this format soon)

Join Danny, Dana, and special guest Jenny as they discuss dream interpretation, share a nerdfox submission titled, “How to Take a Nerdfox to Smoocherville” and tell you everything you need to know about first dates.

NOTE: Thanks to FreeMusicArchive and Juanitos for the hot tunes used.

ALSO: Nothing in this podcast was fact checked. Who do you think we are, This American Life?

AND: Before, after, or while you’re listening, don’t forget to submit your ideas and by leaving a comment below, filling out our survey, or emailing If you can help us figure out the technology, maybe you can even be a guest star of a future podcast.  Either way, it’s quite likely you’ll receive an amazing prize.

ONE LAST THING: If you want to download this and save it forever (and ever) you can right click on the page where you listen to it and push “save as”


Hmm, what’s that delicious feeling you’re having? Is it morning coffee? Oh hell yes. Let’s take a minute to think about how amazing it feels to have the first cup of coffee in the morning. Now how can you make the feeling even better? Combine it with the gentle undulations of radiowaves from the first ever Nerdfox Podcast. Do you want to be a part of our radio show? Send your Nerdfoxy conundrums or kickass ideas (can we interview you?) to nerdfox @ Another amaze-tron way you can participate is to fill out this survey.

Dig it?

Dig it.

As you know, we here at Nerdfoxes Internationale Inc. exist solely to support humanitarian efforts to lift up the lives of nerdfoxes – aka nerds who are also foxes. We also exist to brag on our awesomeness.

Without our knowledge, some enterprising and lovely nerdfox ingenue has used OUR signature definition of what a Nerdfox is to make Urban Dictionary complete.  We are taking over everything without trying.

UNFORTUNATELY, it has come to our attention that Nerdfox is not on Wikipedia!?!? Please stop crying dear reader, and instead make an entry for Nerdfox on Wikipedia since we don’t know how to and also it says you’re not supposed to create an article that’s about yourself. Nerdfoxes follow the rules (sometimes)!

Nerdfox Is Not on Wikipedia :(

Because all great and terrible things are brought to us on this mortal earth in pairs of threes, so the nerdfox overlords have deemed that there should be a third edition of Nerdfoxes Internationale Inc’s zine, “The Nerdfox’s Guide to Loving Nerdfoxes.” As it is written, as it is done (in bed!).

This is a call for submissions. Please forward it near and yonder, and also, over there, and maybe several other places you can think of.

Please send in submissions by December 1st. We need to get this zine done by Jan. 1st so that we can help all the nerdfoxes achieve their New Year’s Resolution of being less sad and more world champion awesome-tron. 

If this date doesn’t work for you, email and check in. The Nerdfox overlords are a lenient folk. 

Feel free to read/view existing nerdfox zines for context.

AND ALSO Here are some submission guidelines:

Please send your responses, hilarious anecdotes, cool math jokes, feelings and questions, cartoons, arts, songs, performance art pieces, poems, favorite recipes, night time fantasies and harlequin romances (especially your harlequin romances!) to nerdfox @ gmail . com.

Please also send your nerdfox quandaries – what romantic puzzles would you like our editorial board to solve for you?

Your payment will be a pdf copy of the zine, the narcissistic thrill of seeing your name in print, and knowing that you did what you could to help the hopeless be happy. Also some randomly chosen contributors may receive nerd-themed stitchery. It could happen! No promises.

Send any submissions to the Nerdfoxes Guide to Loving Nerdfoxes zine to Nerdfox AT

Take Our VERY IMPORTANT Nerdfox Survey