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We humbly (ok, pretty braggily actually, screw humility!) present to you the first ever Nerdfox Radio Podcast in the history of the multi-verse. Titled:

Dreams, Dates, Drawing Maps and the Foot Long Challengs: First Ever Nerdfox Podcast Radio Show

Click here to listen: Nerdfox Podcast 1 Dreams and Dates (PS. We’ll upgrade this format soon)

Join Danny, Dana, and special guest Jenny as they discuss dream interpretation, share a nerdfox submission titled, “How to Take a Nerdfox to Smoocherville” and tell you everything you need to know about first dates.

NOTE: Thanks to FreeMusicArchive and Juanitos for the hot tunes used.

ALSO: Nothing in this podcast was fact checked. Who do you think we are, This American Life?

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This could be your life, if you enter this contest….Image

By Brett, (As seen in Nerdfox Zine Issue One!)
Always try to use two hands when pushing up your glasses on your nose – it shows you are twice as interested than if you use one hand. Unless you are trying to show off, then use one hand, employing one knuckle or one finger at your discretion. In this case the index finger usually works best, but it generally lacks pizzazz.

If you really want to set yourself apart from the crowd, try a different finger (I sometimes use my pinky if I’m feeling quite confident.)

If you are NOT using two hands, it is advisable to ALWAYS push up your glasses at their middle point (the bridge area that rests on the nose) in a maneuver known as the “center-push”. This aids in avoiding uneven positioning.

Unless you are extremely well practiced at the fine art of the super-sexy “one-handed SIDE-push”, I would stick with the center-push when using one hand. Remember to exercise caution when using the center-push, as even the slightest mis-calculation can lead to a lens smudge, which may or may not be a big deal depending on when you last washed your hands and to what extent the smudge impairs your vision.

Bottom line:

the person you are flirting with may not even notice how you go about pushing up your glasses, but don’t let that stop you from having fun with it. Play around with it: try different finger/knuckle combinations, or introduce a tool (spoon, stick, etc).

Another area growing in popularity lately is the “group-push”, whereby, for example, you arrange to have a friend or group of friends periodically walk by and push up your glasses
for you while you flirt with someone.

Finally, if you wear a strap or some other type of restraining device around the back of your head to hold your glasses in place,

then all this is meaningless to you because you have already achieved the ultimate in sex appeal, and you certainly don’t need any flirting advice from me.

As you know, we here at Nerdfoxes Internationale Inc. exist solely to support humanitarian efforts to lift up the lives of nerdfoxes – aka nerds who are also foxes. We also exist to brag on our awesomeness.

Without our knowledge, some enterprising and lovely nerdfox ingenue has used OUR signature definition of what a Nerdfox is to make Urban Dictionary complete.  We are taking over everything without trying.

UNFORTUNATELY, it has come to our attention that Nerdfox is not on Wikipedia!?!? Please stop crying dear reader, and instead make an entry for Nerdfox on Wikipedia since we don’t know how to and also it says you’re not supposed to create an article that’s about yourself. Nerdfoxes follow the rules (sometimes)!

Nerdfox Is Not on Wikipedia :(