What is a nerdfox? Well, one might note that it’s a compound word made of nerd and fox. So it’s like, a foxy nerd, or a hot geek, or a sexy dweeb. Except, we are re-defining sexy, because mainstream sexy is really boring. Foxy like freckles, gapped teeth, love handles, hair that sticks up funny in the back, slim pretty fingers on a boy, or tough broad shoulders on a girl, and also, not caring about this stupid gender crap, geez! Or maybe, being nerdfoxy is caring a lot about gender but in deliberate and smart and radical ways.

Or singing off pitch, or singing really, really amazing. It’s like, kids who don’t quite fit in, who have obsessions and hobbies that normal people don’t quite understand. And obsessions and hobbies are hot. And being smart is really hot. Glasses and sweatervests are hot too. And you are hott. With two t’s.

Because seriously people, this world is going to hell in a handbasket, and snuggling is awesome.

Submission Guidelines: Please send along any submissions and tips. Essays, poems, sketches, anything is appreciated, if only for the opportunity to throw your stuff away. Your payment the narcissistic thrill of your ideas in type, and knowing that you did what you could to help the hopeless who deserve to be happy. Please send stuff to nerdfox @ gmail.com

Interests: I am interested in your pathetic ass love life.

Who I’d like to meet: Rachel Maddow’s glasses. And all the ladies from the Golden Girls. And you, because I like you, just the way you are. And Mr. Rogers. And ventriloquists.

Heroes: Mr. Rogers, Doogie Howser, Schrodinger’s Cat, Emily Dickinson, people who yodel while wearing sweatervests. Batgirl, the librarian. Peter Fucking Parker. Dr. Beverly Crusher. You.

Optional Nerdfox Survey: 

Answer the following questions to the extent that you see fit. Send responses to nerdfox@gmail.com

What do you find attractive that might be surprising to the nerdfox?

What do you, as a nerdfox, struggle with the most romantically?

What are good first lines if you don’t really know someone?

How do you initiate the first smooch?

How do you gently correct romantic mishaps? 

What romantic mishaps have you had to correct in your nerdfox experience?

When have you been gently and respectfully taught by a fellow nerdfox?

Why should someone date a nerdfox? What are the benefits?

How do you find nerd foxes?

Any other tips for the nerdfox such as:

General do’s and don’ts

Good flirting tips