ImageToday at Nerdfoxes International, we are having a damn dance party to these hot free beats over at Free Music Archives. Quick, click the link and get dancing so you can be part of our party! And get out some snacks, parties are all better with snacks.

Ok, now that you are totally partying, a quick update: Danny and Dana have laid down some vocal stylings for the first EVERRRR Nerdfox Podcast in the history of this universe. Pretty amazing.

Also amazing: The Free Music Archives have approximately a kagillion songs that are legal to use in podcasts and other auditory projects, such as personal, private dance parties.

In honor of that, we are having a contest. Suggest some songs for us to listen to and/or put on the podcast and if we pick and/or like your song, we’ll make you a drawing of whatever you want and email it to you. A few LUCKY people may get actually mailed crayon drawings.

Just leave a link to a good song in the comments. It has to be a free song from this website. No tempting us with non-free-to-use from other websites.

UPDATE!  Also, if you fill out our survey, you can also win a prize.  The prize is a drawing.  A few lucky people will win a drawing of themselves riding a unicorn across the hull of a Starship Enterprise.  The class/registry is your choice.