From an anonymous reader: 

– Sit at a bar all by yourself on a Sunday night.  Wear something that looks really ridiculous, but maybe intriguing, especially if you’re also reading a piece of classic literature or philosophy.  If there happens to be a person that you think you might be able to convince to smooch you, say something to a person sitting next to that person.

– Don’t have any luck with your target makeout-audience for quite some time.  Then, on a day when lots of your friends are hanging out, maybe one of them will ask another one if that other one will make out with you.  Bizarrely, they sometimes say yes.  Just make sure that you and the smooch-ee know what you’re getting into, or else it might be awkward between you for like a year.

– A few weeks before your attractive friend leaves town for good, have them over to your place for dinner and booze.  Then, once you’re all good and liquored up, suggest that it’d be totally fun to listen to the saddest songs you know.  Turn up really sad romantic music, preferably operatic arias that are sung just before all the main characters die.  You and your attractive friend will be a weepy mess and decide to abscond to a nearby bar and get happy again.  Then ask to kiss them on the cheek.  That’ll lead to full out total-make-out-ville in no time. Fact.

Image– Once you’ve been totally unsuccessful in finding an attractive Nerdfox to tongue-wrestle for several months, write out a plan to find a Nerdfox love interest on a big sheet of flip-chart paper.  Stick the flip-chart-paper-love-diagram on your refrigerator.  Invite people over.  Nerdfoxes may see your love-diagram and become intrigued with the fact that you are a Nerdfox looking for some sweet action!  Next step is to be totally oblivious to the signs of interest that poor smitten Nerdfox-lover is sending you for at least three weeks.  When you finally get the picture, say in your most confident voice “Uhh Nerdfox-lover, I know this might be totally awkward, but do you want to make out?”