We humbly (ok, pretty braggily actually, screw humility!) present to you the first ever Nerdfox Radio Podcast in the history of the multi-verse. Titled:

Dreams, Dates, Drawing Maps and the Foot Long Challengs: First Ever Nerdfox Podcast Radio Show

Click here to listen: Nerdfox Podcast 1 Dreams and Dates (PS. We’ll upgrade this format soon)

Join Danny, Dana, and special guest Jenny as they discuss dream interpretation, share a nerdfox submission titled, “How to Take a Nerdfox to Smoocherville” and tell you everything you need to know about first dates.

NOTE: Thanks to FreeMusicArchive and Juanitos for the hot tunes used.

ALSO: Nothing in this podcast was fact checked. Who do you think we are, This American Life?

AND: Before, after, or while you’re listening, don’t forget to submit your ideas and by leaving a comment below, filling out our survey, or emailing Nerdfox@gmail.com. If you can help us figure out the technology, maybe you can even be a guest star of a future podcast.  Either way, it’s quite likely you’ll receive an amazing prize.

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We thought our Nerdfox Readers would appreciate this thoughtful analysis on the pop-culture phenomenon of the “Friend zone.” Like many things in pop-culture, it seems sort of accurate, but secretly it might be rotting out your brain and ruining your ability to have authentic relationships with humans as equal humans. Read more than the quote below for some thoughtful thoughts full of thinking.

From Foz Meadows on Tumblr: 

I cannot state this clearly enough: if you really believe in equality, then you have to acknowledge the fact that women have a right to say no. That no matter how pure and true your feelings, your ladylove is under no obligation whatever to reciprocate them, because friendship is not a business transaction, and women are allowed to want male friends. Yes, it is difficult and sad and heartbreaking to love someone who doesn’t love you back, and doubly so when that person is a friend. Believe me; I speak from experience. This is not a fun thing to endure! But discounting the woman as a bitch, a user, a timewaster, a whore with no taste who only wants to sleep with arseholes instead of Nice Guys like you is not on. It is pure, unadulterated sexism: the attitude that friendship with a woman is only ever a stepping-stone to getting into her pants, such that if the pants-getting is off the table, then so too is the friendship.

Which, frankly, is bullshit. If you don’t care enough about someone to enjoy their company and respect their decisions when sex is off the table, then that person is right not to sleep with you, because enjoying someone’s company and respecting their decisions is pretty much how sex gets on the table to start with.

This could be your life, if you enter this contest….Image

ImageToday at Nerdfoxes International, we are having a damn dance party to these hot free beats over at Free Music Archives. Quick, click the link and get dancing so you can be part of our party! And get out some snacks, parties are all better with snacks.

Ok, now that you are totally partying, a quick update: Danny and Dana have laid down some vocal stylings for the first EVERRRR Nerdfox Podcast in the history of this universe. Pretty amazing.

Also amazing: The Free Music Archives have approximately a kagillion songs that are legal to use in podcasts and other auditory projects, such as personal, private dance parties.

In honor of that, we are having a contest. Suggest some songs for us to listen to and/or put on the podcast and if we pick and/or like your song, we’ll make you a drawing of whatever you want and email it to you. A few LUCKY people may get actually mailed crayon drawings.

Just leave a link to a good song in the comments. It has to be a free song from this website. No tempting us with non-free-to-use from other websites.

UPDATE!  Also, if you fill out our survey, you can also win a prize.  The prize is a drawing.  A few lucky people will win a drawing of themselves riding a unicorn across the hull of a Starship Enterprise.  The class/registry is your choice.

From an anonymous reader: 

– Sit at a bar all by yourself on a Sunday night.  Wear something that looks really ridiculous, but maybe intriguing, especially if you’re also reading a piece of classic literature or philosophy.  If there happens to be a person that you think you might be able to convince to smooch you, say something to a person sitting next to that person.

– Don’t have any luck with your target makeout-audience for quite some time.  Then, on a day when lots of your friends are hanging out, maybe one of them will ask another one if that other one will make out with you.  Bizarrely, they sometimes say yes.  Just make sure that you and the smooch-ee know what you’re getting into, or else it might be awkward between you for like a year.

– A few weeks before your attractive friend leaves town for good, have them over to your place for dinner and booze.  Then, once you’re all good and liquored up, suggest that it’d be totally fun to listen to the saddest songs you know.  Turn up really sad romantic music, preferably operatic arias that are sung just before all the main characters die.  You and your attractive friend will be a weepy mess and decide to abscond to a nearby bar and get happy again.  Then ask to kiss them on the cheek.  That’ll lead to full out total-make-out-ville in no time. Fact.

Image– Once you’ve been totally unsuccessful in finding an attractive Nerdfox to tongue-wrestle for several months, write out a plan to find a Nerdfox love interest on a big sheet of flip-chart paper.  Stick the flip-chart-paper-love-diagram on your refrigerator.  Invite people over.  Nerdfoxes may see your love-diagram and become intrigued with the fact that you are a Nerdfox looking for some sweet action!  Next step is to be totally oblivious to the signs of interest that poor smitten Nerdfox-lover is sending you for at least three weeks.  When you finally get the picture, say in your most confident voice “Uhh Nerdfox-lover, I know this might be totally awkward, but do you want to make out?”

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t read the Lord of the Rings, well, why not! Jiminy Crickets!  ! At least watch the movies, and the extended edition, please! All nine hours. They make a great date.

So, there is a LOoOooOve story in the Lord of the Rings, and it provides an excellent lesson in Nerdfoxy Pick Up Lines and some admirable Nerdfox sass. Below, with commentary (from Return of the King, Chapter 5: The Steward and the King):

Then she raised her head and looked at him in the eyes again; and a colour came in her pale face. “How should I ease your care, my lord?” she said. “And I do not desire the speech of living men.”

[Editor’s Note: Folks, this is a great thing to say in a bar to people trying to hit on you, also, to religious people who come knocking on your door.  Also, most of the time, for me, it is true. Say it with me: “I do not desire the speech of living men.” Yesssss.]

“Would you have my plain answer?” he said.

[Editor’s Note: Yes, always a plain answer, straightforwardness is the officially recommended approach from Nerdfoxes Intl., except when we recommend slinking around an issue to avoid awkwardness.]

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